Misleading reveal trailer for Halo 5?

When Halo 5 had the two reveal trailers where Chief was walking in the desert, the other where Blue team was in the city that was falling apart and finally the two viewed points of Chief and Locke wounded and the other pointing a gun at. do you think they made a mistake creating those because they made me believe that they were going to be in the game itself when nothing like those were in. What do you all think about the two trailers?

The desert trailer technically wasn’t a Halo 5 trailer. It was just meant to be a general “Halo will be on Xbox One thing.”

As for the live action ones, its either a case of they changed direction or had to scale back the story (both seem likely) or that the marketing team on Microsoft’s end took the ideas a bit too far.

The entire marketing campaign was nothing but a miserable pile of lies.

Thank you for bringing THIS up again. Because it hasn’t already been brought up ad nauseam already.

As someone who got hooked on Halo playing campaign and digests all things Halo lore, yes this was a disappointment. The marketing was probably made before they changed some of the writing team and they changed direction. Oh well.

Marketing I don’t care about. A solid story on the epic level of Halo I care very much about. They failed at both.