Misleading campaign

Spoilers follow…

So first i will start by saying that for the most part I enjoy halo and the gameplay is spot on. However I can’t help but feel 343 purposefully lied to us regarding the campaign. Seriously 3 of the missions are 5 minutes long put together and are just made up of talking to a few people. Why would they not just say it’s 12 missions?? Feels like they changed the amount of missions near the end of development so when telling the public it sounded more! And all the hunt the truth stuff??? That turned out pants!

I do wish they would have just made it 12 instead of 15 that part is a kick in the pants i wish they would have just made that part of the mission before or after and not make the game seem longer than it really is! I have a feeling bungie wouldn’t have done that were ive noticed 343 does a lot of things that deceive us all the time just like the Hunt the Truth media campaign

I see Hunt The Truth as seeing the emergence of the Guardians from another perspective, extend universe if you will… So I don’t feel deceived