Misfit Actual Now Recruiting

Who are we?

Our name is Misfit Actual.

What are we?

We are a video gaming community and clan that stretches across multiple countries (United States, Canada, England, Germany, Scotland, etc…) and gaming platforms.

What is our creed?

From Unworthy … To Unstoppable

Why is this our creed?

Because we believe that every person and player should have a place where they can just be themselves and have fun without judgement being passed or ever having to feel unwelcome and/or unwanted.

What is our goal?

Misfit Actuals goal is to create a home for gamers where fun, competitiveness, and maturity all work hand in hand.

How do we accomplish this?

We accomplish this goal by uniting like minded gamers in a community atmosphere that is set up with rules and regulations to insure that every members gets the most out of what Misfit Actual has to offer. We also make it a point to establish a direct relationship and line of communication between the Chain of Command and the members of Misfit Actual. We do this so that every member understands that they have a voice that is being heard at all times and all members and potential members know that they are welcomed to be a part of this community as long as their intentions are to have fun and remain mature at all times.

If Interested Please Register On Our Site At Misft Actual Site Make Sure To Put BHV Red Ringin As Your Recruiter