Mirage/SPI Armor

As a long time Halo fan, seeing the Mirage/SPI armor added to Halo 3 was nothing but amazing. Like the Mythic season did for both Halo 3 and Halo Reach, was wondering if people would like to see this full armor set added to Halo Reach? After all it is a SPARTAN-III based game.


I hope so. The season 8 helmets made it in. I am optimistic that we will see the helmet at some point. The armour will necessitate a new model in all likelihood, but I think the community would like it enough to make it worthwhile.


The Spartan III highlight is a great point and I would love to see it added.

At a minimum the helmet since Halo: Reach doesn’t feature the same level of customization that the updated Halo 3 in MCC now does (forearms, legs, etc.)


Seeing an armour added for the first time that we’ve seen in books and concept art before, really makes me happy. I don’t know how much I’ll use it myself, but the fact that it exists is just so satisfying, I love it.
It also seems to blend in really well with the art-style of the classic armours.


I am super excited to unlock that set, I have just unlocked Orion.

I’m fairly new to MCC, just started playing in early summer. This armor you mention, what does it do? I played a lot of Reach and all of the various armor pieces were useless as they had no impact upon gameplay, what do they do in this game? I have about 350 yellow/blue cube things to spend on armor and such but I don’t know what exactly their function is. How do I go about finding this info out?

They’re all just skins. All they do is allow you to customise appearance.

Well they are unlockable via earning points so they have to serve some purpose. Nobody cares what their opponents look like they are simply trying to kill them. What benefit does each of the armor pieces provide?

As I said, they’re just skins. There is no other purpose. Some people care about this stuff (there’s a thread on here started by someone wondering about why some people don’t change theirs).

You’ll find weapons skins and banners in there too.

Well that makes no sense. If I am completing challenges and winning games I should be benefitting from it somehow. I find it hard to believe that a reward system would bother to be put into place if said rewards did absolutely nothing.

You benefit by receiving Season Points that you can use to purchase various skins and banners to customise your character, weapons, vehicles, banner etc.

As you can see from the thread I mentioned, that you posted in, some like them and some don’t. You aren’t alone in your view based on comments in that thread.

That’s not a benefit though. Those things seem to do nothing at all. Why bother earning rewards if they don’t do anything?? It just doesn’t make any sense at all whatsoever.

That’s generally how balanced fps games (or just genres in general) work friend, how they always worked before everything started copying CoD, you don’t just get a benefit over someone else you’re playing against online because you’ve played more.


It is a benefit. It may not be of value to you in your opinion, but it’s still a benefit. Those who like them are free to use them, as many do; those who don’t like them, such as yourself, are free to ignore tham - as many do.

As @lemmingscanfly mentions, they’re not going to use these things in a way that would alter the balance of the game, both in terms of level of challenge in campaign and some users gaining an advantage over less experienced players in muliplayer (other than any advantage you might gain through experience itself).

So, you’re saying there is no advantage to using them and at the same time you’re saying that they are a benefit? Which is it? As far as I can tell none of them actually are beneficial. Please correct me if I am wrong

No player cosmetic changes the game’s balance, it hasn’t since 2007 and it’s not going to start.
It’s just an extra feature for player iniquity that’s gotten admittedly too many options over the years.

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So you’re admitting that it does absolutely nothing. Thanks. Yet people still keep complaining about it for some reason

Because Halo fans like Halo’s lore, including it’s units and cool armor.

Why aren’t you playing Infinite? You’d probably into that because it plays nice, the main reason everyone’s hating it is because the customization is paywalled behind stingy not-so-microtransactions.