Mirage is everything I hoped for

So, between all the arguing, disappointment, and other discussion surrounding Infinite and its divisive multiplayer, Halo MCC got something really special today- the SPI armor in Halo 3. And, you know what? I’ve been hyped about it since the update for the anniversary content dropped, and now that I have it, it’s withstood and even surpassed the hype I had for it in some ways.

What do you guys think of it? Who’s rocking the full set for a while? I know I am.


I haven’t brought it yet but I will admit it looks so cool and I don’t even know the lore behind it so all the lore fans probably will love this armor even more than most people will. Also, I think that the 20th-anniversary items in general are very cool looking like the Orion Armor.

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I am really happy that the armour finally appears in-game. I had been hoping it would make an appearance since armour customisation became a thing in Halo 3. I am so glad that finally came to fruition.

I hope that the armour can eventually be ported to Reach as well, given that you play as a Spartan III in that game. I wouldn’t object to it appearing in Halo 2A or 4 one day either. Maybe even Infinite.

If I do have one gripe with it, it would be that weapons on the back clip awkwardly through the armour. This is not unique to Mirage, but true for a lot of the new armour and especially true for back accessories. I wish they would put an offset on each armour and accessory to avoid that. And I wish they would fix the positioning of the original shoulder armour on the new Spartan model while they are at it.

Again, a minor issue, not the end of the world. It would just make everything look much cleaner.

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Honestly, I’ve really loved most of the new content that has arrived to the mcc for the best year/2 years. There’s a few armors I haven’t liked as much, but I’ve always been excited to see new content. The SPI armor is honestly one of the best armor sets to be added into any of the mcc titles. I’m totally hyped!


What does this armor you mention do? As far as I know, all of the various armor variants are useless and do nothing

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Dude, literally shut up.
Everybody but you knows this.
Boohoo it doesn’t make me win better

Give me more options for player expression so I can have even more fun playing while I’m playing one of my all-time favorite games! Playing dressup with your Spartan is so much fun :]

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If its the same person who I am thinking of, they got banned until the year 2552 on the old forums for continously spouting the very same thing they’re doing now and always being passive-aggressive to others.

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I haven’t unlocked this set yet (I plan to this weekend!). Did you try and go for the colour scheme on the book cover?

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They’re not great at getting under my skin if that’s what they’re going for!
And in regards to the colors, you bet I set it to gray on gray. I was too stubborn to change my visor color to default to match it though, so I went for pastel orange