Minor Problems with Halo 5: Guardians Matchmaking

Count the first: Skill-based matching doesn’t work nearly as well as it should.

  • I’ve had problems with this in past Halo games, but only as the games aged and the population dwindled. The Halo 5: Guardians beta is good and young; there are players playing it. Teams are almost always incredibly imbalanced (I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve had a close game, and I’ve logged over 12 hours in the beta so far). For example, in my most recent game, Slayer on Regret, I was placed in a team with three other players, one of which quit, scoreless but not AFK, halfway through the game. My two remaining teammates finished the game with a measly 3 kills each, while I was left to pick up the slack with a hefty 24 kills. The enemy team had a decent spread of scores, ranging between 17 and 8 kills each. The point is, there are significant team balancing issues in the beta.

Count the second: CSR growth and decay

  • Referencing the above game, I lost 20 experience points due to the loss. This type of CSR change is inconsistent with wins. The three matches that I played beforehand (all wins) only netted me 8-10 experience points each. A far more extreme example, which occurred several days ago in the Breakout playlist, was when I played a series of matches. I won three in a row, gaining less than 10 experience for each win (these were with and against a group of players in similar divisions to myself). A single loss against an almost identical team set me back a whopping 30 experience points and dragged me to a tier below what I started off at. It is extremely frustrating, not to mention inconsistent. On those rare occasions when players who are matched against each other have similar skill levels, the gains should not be so small, and the losses should not be so great.

I understand that it is a beta, but I thought I should share my thoughts before I smash my Xbox. Thanks for your time, and feel free to contribute.