Minor MP Changes

Not sure if people have noticed these but I decided to post them anyway. These are just what I saw in the War Games trailer.

  1. The battle rifle now holds 180 additional bullets (compared 108 in Halo 2 and 3)

  2. You now get 10 points for every kill and the games are to 500

  3. Obviously no visible health

  4. Weapon drops are dependent on kills, not necessarily on time (seems like each kill moves the meter up by about 1/6th)

  5. Text on the left side of the screen no longer displays multi kills or sprees, those are put in the center of the screen

  6. Announcer did not announce double kill, triple kill, or presumably the killing spree (although the video was cut short)

  7. In campaign you can hold 4 of each grenade type, which may or may not be the same in MP

  8. "X"s are displayed on the radar for where teammates die

  9. Grenade explosion radius doesn’t seem to be as large, but may just be visual

  10. Radar indicates which type of vehicle is near and what direction it is facing

  11. The score in the lower right is back to being bars, which fill as you get closer to winning

  12. Hardlight shield isn’t going to block melees and slow down the opposing player etc. In short it isn’t going to be annoying as hell like AL