Minor & Major Bugs

Here are a list of glitches I encountered during my second playthrough of the MCC.
Major bug: The Master Chief Complete Saga Playlist: After completing the Halo: CE portion (in classic graphics) and continuing on to Halo 2 (again in classic graphics), I saved & quit during Armory. Upon returning to the playlist, it restarted at Level 2 of Halo: CEA instead of continuing at Halo 2’s Armory.

Minor bugs: Halo 2 (classic graphics): In cutscenes featuring Elites, all of their right mandibles appear to hang open regardless of whether or not they’re speaking. The only exception is the Arbiter.
In High Charity, Prophet of Regret’s body appears like a black silhouette despite being in a well-lit area.

Minor bugs: Halo 3: In The Ark, an image of 343 Guilty Spark interacting with a terminal is missing from the final terminal of that level.
In The Covenant level, Various portions of vehicles, weapon drop-pods, and other items are “blacked-out” with Covenant material being the most affected.

Major bugs: Halo 4: In Reclaimer, after defeating the Lich, it moves off but doesn’t explode. This is followed by the level terrain just flat-out vanishing with the Mammoth continuing on until it reaches the point where it would stop, in which case you fall off and are returned to the last checkpoint only to end up in an endless loop. Restarting the level fixes the problem.
In the final portion of Midnight, the wrong button-prompt appears (hold RT to fire machine gun) when it should say “hold LT to prime grenade”.