Minor Issue: Splatter Physics

Am I the only person who finds splattering to be far too easy in this game? Like, sickeningly easy?

It makes hijacking an utter pain now, hell you can reverse in a ghost and splatter someone with fair ease now.

I know there are more important issues than this, however it is a problem and becomes annoying in gametypes like Dominion where Friendly Fire is on. I am consistently being accidentally splattered by team mates who are barely nudging forward or backward. The new engine for splattering is ridiculous!

I figured this could be a good subject to discuss other than the DMR Being Overpowered and XP Cap threads. It’s a legitimate, albeit smaller issue that it wouldn’t hurt to look at.

I wasn’t aware you could be splattered by a Mongoose at full health.

Apparently you can.

I have noticed that splattering with a mongoose seems easier. However, I feel like splattering takes a bigger impact on your vehicle now. For instance, boosting straight at someone and hitting them cuts my speed almost to a stop sometimes, and sometimes causes it to flip. I think that is a good thing, but different from past halos. I have not noticed it being easier to splatter people other than with mongoose. In fact, with armor abilities like dodge, jetpack, and hologram it makes it semi harder as these can counter it. I’ll try to pay more attention and see if I notice the difference in ease.

I’m actually having hard time hitting splatters for some reason… I swear I have hit guys with shields almost gone with almost full speed in a Ghost and they lived

> I wasn’t aware you could be splattered by a Mongoose at full health.
> Apparently you can.

… The same was true in Halo 3… and in Halo Reach.

I would rank the difficulty of splattering with a mongoose as follows…
From easiest to hardest: Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo Reach.

I’m cool with it. Anyone can just spawn with a Plasma Pistol now so it is nice to throw the drivers a bone.

To be honest it isn’t that it is somehow easier to splatter. Like a hitbox thing I mean.

It is actually because hitting a guy in a vehicle does a LOT more damage now. Which is good, Warthogs and even a Ghost probably weigh tons. Makes sense they hurt.

Way too easy. If they clip your foot in any way you die, that should not be the case.

its easy with every vehicle except the one which should be the best at it… the GHOST ive hit people who are on low health and its just removed there health a tiny bit more, HOW WOLD IT NOT KILL THEM but agree mongooses and tha need to be reduced and ghost improved

Yeah. Vehicles can apparently now splatter from near enough a dead stop. I’m also accidentally vehicle-betraying a lot more than I did in Reach - I’m driving along, some guy runs into my path, I brake and swerve but nudge him to death.

It’s a little excessive. Toning it down wouldn’t hurt.