Minor Forge Questions - UI and Lighting

This first issue I’m experiencing is purely a aesthetic one, but I was just wondering if it was happening across the board or just to certain people.

In a forge session, when you first spawn as a monitor, or respawn as a monitor after dying, your UI “overlay” or “border” or whatever you call it is the proper monitor look. However, as soon as you switch to a spartan and back to a monitor, the UI border remains that of the spartan helmet, and stays this way until you respawn or start a new game.

Just curious if this happens to everyone (accidentally or purposefully) or if it’s just a random bug.

Also, on another note, the “Generating Lighting” feature whenever you switch from monitor to spartan… is there a way to disable that? I’m assuming not, but I find it extremely annoying as I’m used to switching constantly between the two. Am I the only one?

If there’s another thread for either of these things please direct me there.



Halo 4’s Forge is terrible, Reach’s was way better, it was almost perfect and 343i could have perfected in Halo 4 but they got lazy with Forge and almost the entire game…

There’s no way to hold off the dynamic lighting until you are done unfortunately. It doesn’t exist, however, outside of Ravine, Erosion, and Impact since they have no structure blocks on other maps.