Minor fixes that will improve Halo 4

I won’t pretend I know what it’s like to make a Game as big as Halo. I won’t be pretending to know the stress either. But never the less Halo 4 has some serious problems that need to be fixed. Nothing on a drastic scale like, “OMG Remove loadouts!!, Remove the DMR!!11!, Remove Sprint!!” Because that’s not going to happen. No, these are more of less smaller things that could greatly improve Halo 4’s War Games experience.

  1. Join In Progress:
    I know 343 have probably seen this a lot but it is perhaps the single most important factor that needs to be addressed. Now personally, I like the JiP system, it allows players to never again be faced with a 4v1 situation. But like most things with new games this come with problems. Firstly, Give players the option to disable the option to join a match in progress. Some players hate it all together and that would (I guess) satisfy them. Secondly (while it may be some what difficult), maybe find a way to stop placing it into ‘No chance of winning matches’ I’m sure the rest of the community knows what I’m talking about here.

  2. Map rotation:
    It’s all fine and dandy when I go into a game of BTB and end up playing on Ragnarok. But when I end up playing that map again and again and again, it gets very annoying. My proposal to you is if a map has been played it should not appear on the map voting screen for another 2 games. This would give other maps like Vortex, Longbow and Meltdown a chance to be played once in a while.

  3. Weapons:
    So far the majority of the weapons in the sandbox are fine. But there are 2 In my opinion which need to be changed. The Carbine is one. That thing is incredibly weak. Going up against a DMR/BR/LR user at medium range and even getting the first shot in, the carbine still seems to fail. The DMR is the second weapon. The most dominant gun at all ranges with the custom loadouts. Doesn’t matter what map, what game type or what weapon you have the DMR Will always proves to be the best weapon which leaves little incentive to use the LR or BR.

  4. Instant re-spawns:
    In custom games or Flood I have no problem with instantly re-spawning. But it simply ruins the overall experience for Slayer. Being able to re-spawn instantly and catch the player who killed you of guard is a little bit unfair. Remove it from Slayer.

  5. The final one (thankfully) Playlists:
    So far the starting playlists in Halo 4 are proving to be a bit ‘meh’. All I ask is that you look at the playlist’s and add in more of the classic game modes. Big team objective, Race, VIP, Perhaps team regicide and for the love of Forerunner please keep SWAT in, It’s not my favorite game type of all time but it’s a community favorite. (Also add Grifball!)

If you have read all of that I doth my hat off to you. We are not expecting these changes all at once in some massive update (though I may be wrong) but these things in my opinion are what are responsible for the constant negativity towards Halo 4 on these forums. Now if you would excuse me, I’m off to make a cup of tea, grab some Jaffa Cakes (Yognaughts FTW) and play Halo 4.

See you in the War Games Ladies and other Spartans.

I am agree with the Map rotation for sure - If I get Ragnarok one more time…LORD!!!

Good map; not good when I’ve played it 1000 times and ones like Meltdown twice

> I am agree with the Map rotation for sure - If I get Ragnarok one more time…LORD!!!
> Good map; not good when I’ve played it 1000 times and ones like Meltdown twice

That’s exactly whats wrong. hence why the maps shouldn’t appear on the voting screen for the next 2 games.

It’s great to read well thought out threads like this. I also pretty much agree with everything you’ve said.