Minor details you liked about reach?

Mine were you get to play as my favorite spartans which were the III’s.

As well as if you hit left on the direction stick in campaign/fire fight you’d activate a visor screen which was like a prototype ODST Helmet :0

I enjoyed the living hell out of Firefight. And the overall grittiness of the games graphical design.

The koi ponds on Reflection.

The weapon balance between precision and auto

Killing mice :slight_smile:

The armor selection. I like looking like human tank. Unlike Halo 4, 80% of the armor designs look great, look like they serve a purpose and unique.

Being able to play Lone Wolf, so much fun playing a survival.



> Chess.

I heard Poker will be in Halo 5 :S

Hemorrhage is AWESOME for BTB.

Theatre for Campaign and FF.
Spree Medals
Scoring, Medal pop-ups, and Announcer in FF.
Being able to check scores on the fly.
Forge - Some of the decorative pieces are gone now. Zooming and nudging.

When you say minor details, I think of stuff you wouldn’t notice at first because of how subtle they are but you like anyways. Like, viewing the dashboard on the Warthog or the inside of the Falcon. Or something like noticing that the trees on Reach are bent over due to the gravity. Or even wearing headphones and noticing that the sounds the AR makes and how each bullet has 3 different sounds. Even something as simple as noticing that the Focus Rifle and Sniper Rifle can view enemies on their scopes.

Crouching to reduce your bloom

The bloom on the DMR (which makes it somewhat bearable)
The medals (they look a lot more colorful and detailed then the Halo 3 era medals)
The UI (it is very clean and neat)

Something not so minor, playing as my own spartan in campaign

I know this doesn’t matter, but I’ve always liked how the armor has little scratches and scrapes all over it.

My Spartan carrying over into Campaign and even the cutscenes. I felt like an actual member of Noble Team.

The human actions of the Spartan’s in Campaign. Stuff like the Jorge’s grunt when he asks Carter if Kat’s plan is sanctioned. Or when Carter lifts his right hand in a “What-the-hell” kind of way when Dot tells him that they (Noble Team) are right where they need to be with their return to Sword Base and finally when Jun scratches his face during Kat’s explanation of her Slip-Space Bomb plan to take out the Long Night of Solace.

It’s those little things that make me smile.

Minor - the games look or textures. Its a different Halo game and it shows. I loved that part of it.