Minor Complaints

I stopped playing Xbox a long time ago but I still keep up with Halo related stuff every now and then. Before I go into what I dislike though I will start off by saying what I think 343i has done right.

  1. Removal of Loadouts

It just wasn’t very Halo-like and I’m very glad 343i went back to Arena style gameplay.

  1. 60 FPS

Shooting for 60 FPS is very nice and will make the game a lot more fluid to play.

  1. BETA
    I am not even sure whether or not I will play it but this is a very good sign and shows they are both confident and hopefully receptive to player input.

Now for a couple of the things I don’t like

  1. Medals
    Very small complaint I don’t really care either way but I would have preferred Halo 2, 3, or even Reach medals over the current art style.

  2. Battle Chatter
    Just not a fan of this. Call of Duty and Battlefield both have this and I would argue and say that it adds nothing of value. As long as this is an option in the menu though it’s fine.

  3. Sprint
    I am personally disappointed with Sprint being included again but I will at least give 343i props for trying to balance it by tying it to your shield recharge. I think it will still be awkward in Halo and good players will still abuse it but at least they are trying to meet us somewhere in between.

  4. Reskinned Scopes

Looks weird but I am sure I will adjust to it.

Overall I still think 343i should have gone more traditional but I am willing to give 343i another shot and pick up Halo 5 on release date.

Just like you said: minor (except for sprint, maybe).

Here’s a full pro match to get you excited.

Also, there’s this, this and this.