Minimum Progression fixes

base match Xp
100xp per match as a base xp reward

  • 50xp for a win
  • 5xp per kill

Battle pass
There are currently 40 challenge swaps on the free track and 20 xp boosts on the paid track of the battle pass. These are not justifiable rewards to grind for.

Replace half the xp boosts (10) with 100cr rewards allowing players to earn up to 1000cr by the end of the battle pass. Thus enough to buy the next battle pass. A feature in every bp but this one for some reason.

Replace the other 10 xp boosts with new coatings and armor pieces that you are intending to sell for extortionate prices in the store.

Replace half of the challenge swaps with xp boosts. So you can earn 20 of each per battle pass. And both now only take up slots on the free pass. A player who pays for premium shouldnt have 1/5 of their bp be xp boosts. Xp boosts now offer 2x xp for the next 5 games rather than a time limit. Double xp does not affect challenge reward xp. Only per match xp

Combine shoulder rewards into 1 slot on the bp. You shouldnt be seperating the same piece of content over 2 levels. There are currently 5 sets of shoulders spread over 10 levels. Condense both shoulders into 1 level, and replace the remaining 5 levels with a new cosmetic reward.

Remove the current 50xp daily and replace with 3 random dailies out of set of possible simple challenges. ‘Win 3 games’ ‘get 10 kills’ ‘play 5 games’ etc. each reward 100xp.

Simple challenges that you can do in any mode and reward just playing your game

Completely rework the weekly challenges to be less frustrating and random to specific weapons/maps/vehicles and make them more of a time investment. ‘Play 50 games’ ‘get 100 kills’ ‘run x amount of metres on foot’ each reward 500xp.

challenges that are still simple to complete but are intended to be done over the course of the week.

  • give players 1 free challenge swap every day that they can use to reroll a daily or weekly challenge of their choosing. Swapping a challenge is free in most games, at least for the first each day. Idk why this isnt the case here too

Remove the event progression from the weekly challenges. Seriously what is it with your fetissh for challenges? They arent fun to be forced to do. Instead have a separate levelling system that levels up your event pass as you play like the normal battle pass. Double xp from playing the event specific mode.

basic customisation
2 options, either

  • remove cores entirely and allow all armor pieces to be used together in any combination. This may be a quality issue though to prevent clipping and tech difficulties which may restrict future armor design, so….
  • at a minimum have the basic cosmetic content shared between cores. Such as visors and coatings. Makes no sense to have to unlock the same colour twice for different cores. Those arent 2 different pieces of content yet are treated as such.

Hot take but the ultimate weekly challenge shouldn’t exist & instead there should be an endless flow of weekly challenges, halting progression is not enjoyable.

Well just by adding xp for playing the game your progression wouldnt just stop like it does now.

If you are averaging 10 kills a game you can potentially earn 200xp per match, 100 from playing, 50 from win, 5 per kill (5x10).

And id probably have 6-8 weekly challenges active per week. Active as in they are all being progressed from the start. None of the current you need to complete 1 challenge to start the next stuff. Thats 3-4 bp levels a week from weeklies alone.