Miniature warthog!

Funniest thing I’ve seen in Halo Infinite so far! I’m not sure if it’s meant to be, but I was playing BTB Capture the Flag on Fragmentation and found a mini warthog. It was basically the size of a mongoose but it was a functional warthog. I’ve got video but don’t know how to share.

UPDATE: Disregard the video! :frowning: I went back to review the match in Theater Mode, but for some reason it doesn’t show me in the match at all. Neither does it show the warthog or the other player that was in it. I rewatched the video multiple times, and placed the camera in free mode to see if I could track getting in and where I left my teammate in it, before getting killed, and running back to get in it again where I left my teammate. None of that is in the playback of the match.

But anyway, has anyone else been able to catch that bug?

I havem’t come across this bug yet but I really want to, I want to play bumper cars in BTB (★‿★)

I haven’t come across it myself, but I have seen it make the rounds on social media. I think this could become a new Race gametype, like a Halo version of Micro Machines :sweat_smile:

Look up the cursed halo mod for ce the hoglet was a thing I figured it was just a nod to it

Yes I’ve seen it. It was the Razorback fro me. Even had a team mate hop on. It was funny

I’ve had this happen I’ve got a video uploaded to xbox live seeing my gunner in the back of it was hilarious