Mind is blown

With all the crappy gameplay experience over the weeks I wen’t back and played some good old reach…

Yes, yes…It still isn’t the best game, but I enjoyed it better than H4. That’s for sure.

Reach feels way more balanced and the only people still playing it are either pros or people who actually liked it from the start. Which means the competition is hard for a fair season player like me.

My statement: H4 is to easy for new players. Halo used to be game for the pros or people who played it a bunch. the community used to be full of people who were actually good and competitive, but now it’s full of people acting as if they are good, just because the game is too easy for people to pick up.

It’s not call of duty 343! Wake up! IT’S HALO! We love Halo and choose to play it because it’s “Halo”!
If we wanted to play COD over Halo we would have bought that game!

MAKE H4 MULTIPLAYER HARDER AND CLEAN THE COMMUNITY! (Also please add a descent death penalty…please?)

Please, by all means, I still respect the people continuing the series and support them in the making! I have no reasons to hate 343 for making H4. It’s just that I’m disappointed because of the multiplayer being too easy on not even close to my expectations.