"Millions of customization combinations for Spartans.."


First off, Halo Infinite at its core is absolutely beautifully crafted. I feel like I’m back in the Halo 3-Halo Reach days. But, the sheer lies in deceit we’ve received from 343 about what we can expect with armor customization, xp, challenges, feels shallow of them. (YouTube Video: FootedGhost - This did not age well)

The fact that we absolutely do not have millions of customization options on day one irks me.
1: The battle pass armor can only be equipped on the battle pass armor set that was Noble Six’s armor.

2: For the anniversary you gave us a really dope Master Chief green legendary armor paint that can only be equipped on the base armor set. Such wow…

3: Weekly challenge grind fest gives us unique armor colors or visor colors, that again, can only be used on the base set of armor which AGAIN has no armor available to equip.

4: The fact that you guys specifically stated and I quote “All of these rewards are single sourced so you’re never going to be confused about where things comes from if you can unlock something in the battle pass, we’re not going to let any other players circumvent that by purchasing it out of the store front.” Yet, the event battle pass you just released for Yori Armor, literally forces us to wait 3 months to get armor, when people can just drop $20 and get a better looking set of the same stuff.

5: And I quote “A lot of our stuff is unlocked through playing the game AND ONLY THROUGH PLAYING THE GAME”. Sure, this is correct to an extent. But, when we have 20 weekly challenges that can easily be completed in 2 days, then earn a measly 50xp when we drop 37 kills 7 deaths, 3 captures is such a turn off I literally don’t even want to play the game unless I have weeklies. But, continue to reward us with armor paints, visor colors that can only be equipped on the base armor set and nothing else.

6: The fact that no matter how hard I try to make my spartan look entirely unique, there’s always 10+ other people in back to back matches that have the exact same setup as me. It sucks looking like someone else when you’re sweating your balls off to get a new armor piece, then find out 10+ other players have the same color shade and armor setup as you. You can’t express your spartan at all. We all look the same unless you’re one of the weirdos that drops $200 on the entire pass to have everything.

7: Nothing about your microtransactions, challenge system, xp reward system, armor customization is a “Player first mentality”. This was a “Cash grab and business first mentality” and it really sucks being a hardcore halo player right now trying to enjoy this game to its fullest potential.

I really would’ve much preferred to have paid $60 for this game to have a complete package then the mess it is in now. I hope you take our feedback seriously and make the changes us players want to see, and come through on the promises you have made, that were very clearly twisted.


I would’ve much preferred to have paid $60 for this game…

You and me both. I would GLADLY have eaten a one year delay and a standard price tag to have a complete game with Forge, Campaign, and all the other things everyone should expect from a large, well-funded team.


I would GLADLY have eaten a one year delay and a standard price tag to have a complete game with Forge, Campaign, and all the other things everyone should expect from a large, well-funded team.

Then literally don’t play right now, wait a year, then buy the game. You can do this right now.


I would pay $60 for both campaign and multiplayer each if they made the system more like classic Halo or MCC.


It might not be what people had envisioned, but being able to customise the emblem on your Spartan’s armour and a range of colours, there is already a huge number of way to make your Spartan slightly unique. If a player has the exact same Spartan but one has a wrist attachment, they would be unique.

As it is live service, they will have so many combinations I’m sure in a year or two no two Spartans will look alike in most games. Even now admitted I’m seeing enough variety from game to game with people wearing different cores, coatings and the eSports skins even if people disagree with that sentiment it is my own personal experience.

Even looking at my friends list there’s about 100 different Spartans and barely any of them are alike (only eSports skins) and even then there is a variety of different ones.

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Seeing the letter MCC again kind of hurt me as I keep suppressing the fact that they reset that game and it’s ranks 2x that I know of.

for the better, sure! They made great progress in MCC and great updates that stuck, on Bungie’s games. It was a great add on. Then they got rid of their game, Halo 4, from ranked and when they brought it back they made it 6v6 for some reason. Lol. 343i takes some amazing strides and accomplishes a lot with such sacrifice. But that game was $60, and ODST and Reach were optional which was an amazing set of DLC as it was all remastered and better.

I sure hope they don’t do that to this game tho. First they release a “beta” which is good, but they literally added a store with real currency to a beta. If this wasn’t a major game title they would have been blown apart just for that. But since this is a beta and they claim that you keep everything after the beta is over and… Dec 8th comes about (Not even season 2 or something. And not season 1 as we’re in season 1 and the flights had season 0) then I can see them restarting the game like they did with MCC with no warning. Just a flick of the switch and everything is erased. They’ve done it before and made progress after that but it was a terrible thing to do.

343i probably redefined “millions of” and “a lot of” in that video.

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By millions, they mean hundreds of thousands of versions of the same color blue coating with slightly different amounts of black


The developer releasing an incomplete product as though it is complete and milking money out of people isn’t excusable lmao. It hasn’t BEEN excusable for the last decade of it’s occurrence. Your flippancy about this is, while not nearly as much a problem as the whales, still a hindrance to discourse surrounding this practice.


The developer releasing an incomplete product as though it is complete and milking money out of people isn’t excusable lmao

And? Don’t play it or buy it. Wait until it’s complete. You literally said you’d rather wait a year for a complete product, so why don’t you?

Free to play was a mistake


You do though. Counting only Coating (Color), Helmet, Visor, Chest, Shoulders, Arm, Leg and Knees (the same slots available in Reach) you have:

Mark V [B] (The Reach Armor Core) has around 1,026,005 possible armor combos.

Mark VII (The Infinite Armor Core) has around 1,.470,000 possible armor combinations.

Or about 2,4796,005 if you play strictly by Halo: Reach customization rules. If you count Armor Effects, Hands, Prosthetics, HCS skits, Attachments, the Yoroi Armor Core and Emblems the total is much, much higher than that.

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They’re setting the bar so low that Halo 5’s garbage MXT system appears palatable. The worst part? Some of the fans have been so thoroughly finessed via conditioning that they defend the madness :rofl::man_facepalming:t2:.


ah, yes, pay 60 just for the campaign. and then still have to pay to have anything unique for ones spartan, since all the free stuff is practically worthless, meaning you’d have to pay more for a game that should’ve just been a 60 buck product with EVERYTHING IN IT AT LAUNCH. and before you say it’s a beta, not a whole lot can or will be added in 2 weeks >_>


Well, obviously. The fact is, they played that verbiage like we would have “endless armor customization” options. Between being stuck in battle pass hell, challenge limitations, and armor sets not allowing different armor pieces to be cross equipped wasn’t ever made transparent. They reward us with set specific visor colors, armor paints and completely kill the uniqueness of the message they were trying to put forth. One too many times do I run into someone else who has the exact same looking spartan. They need to build onto the their expressionism of spartan’s by allowing full range customization.

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Literally nothing you said has anything to do with the point I was making.

When is free to play NOT a mistake?

Replies like this are just straight out dumb :man_facepalming:

You know I’ve always found that when people post random phone emojis instead of actually articulating what they think, it’s because they don’t actually have a point. So please, explain how it’s dumb when the guy I was replying to said he wanted to wait a year to play the full game with Forge/Campaign and I told him to just go ahead and do that.

Gee, I guess it’s dumb to expect the company to do what they said they were going to do🤦‍♂️