"millions of customisation options" Well, this is awkward... And aged like fine milk

Even the emblems are horribly lacking…one of the most basic elements to customization…

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haha I just posted a link to this vid =D


With only 2 more left to launch and pretty much 0 word on how they can fix this easy to fix problem. If they bungle launch Infinite is in trouble


Millions of customization options, in just a few more seasons, maybe.

We are not on Day 1. Gotta remember, this is a beta, and there could very well be more options on the way, just to be fair. Not that I disagree with your concern

343 I just want my black and yellow colour scheme back and parafoil Chest piece that’s all I want

Unless they are doing a huge drop of armor on the 8th we aren’t going to see much. There are some armor components that until just in the last day or two were visible in the Waypoint app customizer that can’t be seen in game yet, but not many.


Did they really say they were coming at this from a player first mentality? Now that is some actual marketing propaganda -Yoink!-.


Fair enough. We will wait and see. I am more concerned with getting us a choose your own armor color system and having them renovate the armor coatings to be more worth buying.

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I feel you.
Just be aware that they messed up some details on the reach armor. Carter and Jun missing their backpacks.
Hoping those don’t get sold separately

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Maybe it’s the millions of dongles you can hang from your rifle…

Not to come to their defense, but technically there are “millions”. If you go into the waypoint app, count the number of armor pieces for each armor slot, and multiply them together, the result is in the millions. But regardless of that, it’s not because of the armor coating system, it’s despite of it. So while technically they were correct in saying millions, the implication isn’t true. The implication of the statement is there would be more complex customization than before, and that the coatings would contribute to that. Both of which aren’t true.

And by the way, Reach also has millions of customization options. Multiplication works out that way, if you design a little content in each slot you get way more options than pieces of armor you designed. By that’s not how people think about it.

I’d argue armor coatings should be free. Destiny 2 seems to do just fine with pretty much the same system and they give those away like candy.

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“Express yourself in ways you’ve never been able to before”

This is so insanely funny because they’ve pretty much removed the one way of expression that’s most important to me


Looking at the prices, I believe what they meant was “there will be millions in customization combinations”.


Well some of the ones we got now SHOULD be free imo. I just think they need to redo a lot of them to make them more worth buying, ya know, fancy them up a little. Then they can just make a pick-your-own-color system for the armor pieces and voila! You’ve got a monetization system that seems justified and people can pick their favorite basic colors. Everybody’s happy, and you get more players into it to boot, cause there’s that controversy gone. So more people buy your stuff

I definately agree with the overall population here, it’s a shame that either for creative(?), time restriction(?) or more likely monetary reasons that off the bat customisation is pretty sparse. I don’t mind if the initial customisation is locked behind a small amount of effort. But if you don’t buy the battlepass, you’re not looking at a new helmet until 30+ which is actually pretty disappointing.

The content is there, but it’s locked behind a hell of a lot of paywall + tedious progression.

I’m with you there. I got the Carter chest peice but no storage bag behind the waist.


I didn’t see this until now, but here are my thoughts

I kind of feel lied to. Currently right now content is not earnable and there is very little content and the coating system kills creativity and nothing about what 343i have done has been about ‘player 1st’ so what they said is not true.