"millions of customisation options" Well, this is awkward... And aged like fine milk

I’d really love an answer why this was all a lie. Sure technically we’re not on “day one” yet but unless they are holding back cross core customisation, more freedom in customisation and a bunch more items to unlock for free post Dec 8th… Then this is a flat out lie. I can’t link directly but please check out the video below. Remove the ^ to view.


Some juicy quotes from the video:

“The body of customisation content that we have on day one ensures that there will be millions of customisation combinations for spartans on the battlefield”

Nope, simply untrue. unless ‘day one’ means Dec 8th which i highly doubt.

“Express yourself in ways you’ve never been able to before”

Also untrue the MCC colour coating opens up so much more for personal expression and customisation. The current system is a joke even before you realise coatings are locked behind armour marks.

“We’re coming at this from a player first mentality”

I don’t even need to dissect this.

“A lot of our stuff is unlocked THROUGH playing the game and ONLY through playing the game”

Sure if you pay for the premium battle pass.


I’ve been saying this for weeks prior to Beta Launch. The armour coatings and cores system simply isn’t a good way of going about customisation. I don’t particularly like any of the armour coatings, and locking generational helmets to specific cores is completely pointless. Just think of the wasted development time taken to create the armour core system. Players gave them a template, and said ‘copy this and we will be happy’, yet they can’t even wrap their heads around that. Absolutely bananas.


Yeah, I rewatched the video and dissected all of their crap too…
At this point I’m not surprised. Most games nowadays have a standard of 50% the predecessor worth of content, double the paid content, and more critical a playerbase.
What’s worse, that’s the minimum expectation now.

Hopefully they bring back the armor unlocked through achievements, commendations, and fix the horrid pass xp system. Plus add their “millions of combinations” in.


I mean, I’ve seen a lot of customizations I didn’t even know existed, but yeah, with some coatings behind paywalls and others still yet unknown, I have to wonder where this millions of choices and options is coming from. I will forever miss what the customizer used to be, I’m willing to adapt, but I need to know that I’m not gonna be hindered because of paywalls. And while $10 is certainly cheap enough for most I’d imagine, I’m not someone who grinds out day after day, I like to go play other games so I’d like to not have to put my nose to the grindstone.

I’m also not saying the customizer we have is bad, it just needs some work. A bit rough around the edges, but that’s why we’re playing in a beta, maybe things’ll change by the time the game actually drops or at least down the road they’ll get better.

I would like it if they would make the ‘premium’ rewards be unlockable through accumulating in game currency that you can then use to unlock the premiums. And while yes, it might peeve those who put money into the game, I have always been a firm believer that you should only dump money into a game if you can’t afford the grind. If you’re a kid or something that has minimal responsibilities (which the titles are now T instead of M so kids are basically being brought into the fold), then you have more than enough time to grind it out. Where as people who work or have a lot of responsibilities like kids of their own would want to buy a speedy way to reach the same goal in a considerably short amount of time.

(You’re free to disagree, it’s my opinion after all.)


I just want my Carter chest with the backpack bros. Why did they exclude it?

Firstly, Happy birthday!

I’ll be VERY happily surprised if we get a day one patch changing a lot of things that people don’t like. This, in my opinion isn’t a beta.

The current system just doesn’t fill me with much hope or encouragement to customise unfortunately. Bring back the MCC level of customisation please, 343.


First thing is to do away with armour and coatings being tied to cores.

I don’t understand the reason cores MUST be like this. It is very restrictive.


For real, I’d be more than pleasantly surprised if day one a lot of changes get implemented.

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I really just want to select my own colors, and have some earnable armors from achievements. Charge me for textures or camo patterns. But let me select my own yoinking colors.

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The fact we don’t have the same colour system as MCC baffles me


Yeah when you compare the customization options laid before us today with how they were describing it a year ago… big yikes. Not a good look at all. I’ve got twenty hours Into the game with no visor and three helmets (including the base ones) unlocked. Rather pathetic


Let’s pray they are now working on making that template a reality.
Or don’t. I’m not spending until they make customization not dogdoodoo.


Well, technically there is millions of customization combinations for spartans if you take in that each player has customized something?

Hrm, is there even a million players though?



Yes all of this, I gladly whale for this game if they did away tying stuff to cores.

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I’m thinking of dropping some money on the BP that includes the 25 bonus levels JUST for the Carter Set. But I’m holding off like many others are cause we need to vote with our wallets cause as we can all agree, this progression system is WAY to slow. Destiny’s Progression system is faster compared to this BP.

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Please 343i this an obvious scam. The game is so close to perfect, just fix this awful lie.


Agree! This system is entirely disjointed and restrictive.

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Honestly, I expected most of this to happen just the way it did even given the quotes above. The instant we found out about cores I was pretty much sure pieces from that generation would be locked to them.

However, I’ll say that coatings of all things being core restrictive caught me completely off guard. That’s just a whole other level of unnecessary restriction. What could possibly be the reason that this PAINT JOB can be applied to this armor, but not that one? That’s utterly asinine.


They definitely over promised and under delivered with the entire customization system and Battlepass.

I would rather have the Halo 5 REQ system with the huge amount of customization options that had than this system.

It has still only been one week.