Milking the cow

This game feels so dragged out. Special events that require 3 diffrent weeks worth of play?

A battle pass that moves so slow that most players are not past level 10.

Its pretty clear the game lacks content. It wasnt ready and shouldnt have launched yet…

Not three, five weeks.

I’m level 33 on the pass, didn’t buy the bonus levels, but I do have a lot of rockstar double exp I’ve been popping strategically.

Giving slight benefit of doubt for beta early access release, but we’re on parity with Halo 3 as far as multiplayer goes minus Forge and better playlist selections, which I’m really hoping will come out on true release December 8th.

Forge and Co-Op will be the only things we’re truly lacking on true release date, and I am more than a little sad about not having those.

I mean this is OP AF. I had 2, 250xp do 3 Total Control matches. Popping a 2x xp is an extra half a level.