Military ranks system like Halo 3 and lobby chat in inifnite is a MUST

Hello guys,. just to tell that 343 is doing great job, i am really liking the game now, specially after winter update, i think this game has a lot of potential, the gamplay is super, really nice. i just think we need some Miliraty rank system in social and rank playlist like Halo 3.
Also i think this game will benefit a lot of lobby chat like old times, before and after a match. we Love the love and hate chats, i used to make friends also from Lobby chat in Halo 3. Of course i did also some enemies, but we are humans, we have this in every aspect of life, that´s the beauty of it. please bring this 2 back, military ranks attached to nickname and lobby chat to Halo inifnite.
What do you think guys?


Yesssss it’s all about freaking winning


Halo Reach’s progression system for social
Halo 3’s progression system for ranked


i agree, that will be so perfect

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Yes, if only for the fact that it’s hilarious to hear a squeaker call themselves a general and then absolutely blast them back to MCC.


I actually like the competitive ranks an actual rank by wording of some sort. It’s a little more prestigious being that competitive rank is earned and can go up or down. Social “rank” or what should be just called level, should be just a arbitrary number. Your social level goes up no matter what so just going up in numbers is fine.

I would like the progression to evolve. We had a number in Reach that just went up. We had military ranks in three that was based on skill.

I would like a combination; I would like to stick with military ranks similar to three but when the number goes up similar to Reach I would like more choice and more social aspects.

I want a choice in which ladder to join; Spartans, ODSTs, ONI, Marines, - then not similar to four where you could grind each choice. Each one should be inheritor style ladders where you can proper grind it out.

Then to top it off they should make each choice ie Spartan ladder odst ladder a clan or company where we can participate in challenges together. Etc etc.

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Military rank for infinite would be aweson we need them and we need h5 ranks like the champion level to be added or brig back the 1 true 50 rank ! But experience or how u level up should be like halo reach

Copy the interface of reach
But copy the pre game lobby of halo 3 with a vetoed sistem

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I don’t think they could ever bring back 1-50.

Or at least not the same way as H3 - where they hid 20 or so levels.

Having a rank ceiling of Diamond 3 wouldn’t cut it in this day and age.

We definitely need something to keep players coming back to rank after they have hit their goal rank.

But not H5 champions please.

The last thing we need is more people doing a toxic grind to get their CSR into the top 200.

What does that even mean anyway?

You can’t really compare CSR between servers - let alone in different parts of the world.

…. As a solo player I’ve hit my ceiling, I just can’t go higher than I am now without putting a team together and putting the grind in.

So where do I go - I’m tired of going track up and down the same levels over and over….

It has to be social… the game needs more social and more rewards for playing…

But rewards and positive engagement needs to be remedied first otherwise if no progression/clans/rewards are in place…

People have nothing to focus on and what do idle hands do? So before 343 gives us the ability to talk to each other - give us something to talk about!


Yep. So that is you rank. Congrats.

So now the onus is on 343 to scratch another itch to keep you coming back.

I would count wins at each rank… and award military titles.

eg. Season 2 Diamond Three Star General.

We know people are suckers for climbing the ranks.

Add multipliers for daily or weekly play.

Yep. It’s not rocket science. And they wouldn’t even be reinventing their own wheel.

Out of interest in which season did you reach a higher rank?
I found S1 easier to get the higher rank. I reached stagnation in S2 so quickly. Just wondered what other players experienced?

I would scrap the bronze to onyx system unless they made it converse with the lore and the game. Maybe it does I’m not sure. I know Onyx - being a planet and the headquarters for the Spartan 3’s but I’m not sure about the other materials - bronze to platinum. However the MP mentions none of this for people to feast on.

If I had a purpose - If my highest rank ‘diamond’ meant that I was a certain warrior from the planet; let’s just say ‘diamond’ and my purpose was to defeat other diamond players to be general of the diamonds (on my server - wishful thinking) then maybe I would keep playing.

A purpose to play within my rank - to be a champion of diamond… etc. Maybe after 20 games you get locked into a division. I’m sure there is plenty of flaws but an idea at least.

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In Season 1 the ranks were skewed too far to the right.

So they reset everyone back a division and tweaked the algorithm.

Anecdotally everyone seemed to settle back into a rank that was 2-3 tiers below their Season 1 rank.

The advantages are;

  1. Each of the divisions is a standard deviation of the population curve. So you know roughly how many people should be in each division.

  2. You have a 25% chance of beating someone a division above you.

  3. People seem to be happier playing someone a division above them. They seem to get less upset as they don’t have a simple number to compare. A P1 and a D6 are only a division apart - but they are 16 levels on a 1-50 scale.

  4. It takes the focus off being the maximum level (eg. a 50). You can have a more realistic aim of just improving to the next division.

I wouldn’t lock you in. That would be frustrating.

But I can see your point. It would be even more frustrating to be climbing the ranks in Platinum - only to get promoted to Diamond before you get there.