Milestone Perk

Most the avid posters on Halo Waypoint love their Halo Waypoint Milestone career score thingy… I was wondering if future Halo games will give perks to those of us who have worked hard on getting all the achievements. I remember Halo: Reach did have an armor perk if you had a certain career score…

Post and comment if you think that Halo 5 should give certain perk, like armor or flames, to those of a certain Milestone career score :slight_smile:

I would absolutely support this idea. There should be little “bonuses” for people who reached certain (high) milestones in their Halo career. Of course this should only be “optical” things like special armour, as you already mentioned, and nothing that influences gameplay.

Sounds good.

First they would have to figure out how to prevent the career milestone from not accurately working half of the time.

If they could fix that, then sure.

If it’s something such as armor or Reach-esque armor effects, as opposed to something game-changing like armor abilities or armor mods, then absolutely!

Of course, only aesthetic stuff…