Might we get DLC Mini-Campaigns?

I have recently completed the first part of Halo Infinite’s main story
(not posting spoilers !)
But the game made me realize something. There is a portion of the map we don’t actually get to really explore. And there are other things to consider in regards to what we already know in the game. For example, if you look to the south you can see a crashed Guardian in the vista. Sounds like something that could be a plot element.

However, it is likely that the team will focus on keeping Master Chief’s story simple and concise, not too jam packed with filler content… but what about other characters?

Sure we could get stuff in books that explain what is happening between the first and second parts of the Campaign… or, and hear me out with this one, we could allow the players to actually experience the ongoings of what is going on between Master Chief’s story arcs in Halo Infinite by way of smaller campaign DLCs.

For example, here is a good potential plot for one :

Spartan Laurette Argyna was seen departing from the Spartan Academy to go in search of the UNSC Infinity and investigate what happened. Why not have a story featuring her as the star character? Her goals could be simply -

  • Locate the UNSC Infinity (allowing us players to see the destruction it has suffered at the crash site and explore some of its more exposed decks)

  • Locate key staff and crew, such as Captain Lasky, the First Officer, Chief Engineer, and Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer.

  • Locate Roland and determine if he is a backstabbing A.I. or a loyal A.I. that was genuinely caught off guard (perhaps a Banished mole used the phrase “Undone Iridium” to disable Roland and allow the Banished a swift victory)

  • Discover said mole if there is one and bring him to justice.

This mini-campaign could re-introduce key characters and plot elements that could be seen in part 2 of Master Chief’s campaign. PLUS it would also be a great way for players to unlock Spartan Agryna’s Armor Core for use in multiplayer (it is a unique armor that we see clearly is playable since it is used by a bot during the Academy tutorial battle).

There is potential for many mini-campaigns that could allow players to have more content to enjoy in single and co-op play. For example :

  • Locating Dr. Halsey and preventing the Banished from jump-starting the crashed Guardian, which would be a great story to tell from the perspective of Spartan Edward Buck and unlock an ODST themed Armor Core for multiplayer.

  • Assassinating targets as a Spartan Headhunter Team made up of Jun-A266 and Rosenda-A344, unlocking an S.P.I. inspired Armor Core for use in multiplayer.

  • Play as The Arbiter as he tries to offer aid to the UNSC and hinder the Banished by inspiring his Sangheili brethren to fight alongside him instead of their Jiralhanae employers (basically creating another schism without a religion). This could also introduce playable Elites in the multiplayer, or grant us a Gen-3 recreation of the Helioskrill armor as a cool Armor Core.

  • Play as Blue Team as they finally arrive at Zeta Halo and try to locate Master Chief who has been captured by the enemy. Working alongside The Weapon, they are hesitant to trust her but eventually do break the ice. Each member of Blue Team plays differently
    x - Frederic-S104 uses carries more ammunition, deals 50% more damage with melee attacks and weapons than all other Spartans, and gets the bonus of an Overshield Module he can activate at will as a unique power gadget. This replaces his Drop Shield.
    x - Kelly-S058 carries more grenades, deals 50% more damage with close quarters weapons than all other Spartans, and gets the bonus of a Speed-Boost Module that makes her faster than all the other Spartans. She already goes faster than them by 20% as a default. This replaces her Deployable Sensor.
    x - Linda-S052 has more damage resistance as a base-stat, deals 50% more damage with ranged weapons than all other Spartans, and gets the bonus of an Active Camo Module as a unique gadget to make her more of a stealth operator. This replaces her Thruster Pack.
    x - Spartan Gabriel Thorne (yes, I am aware he isn’t a Spartan-II, but he IS one of the more likable Spartan-IVs and in my opinion; would make a great player 4 slot. Perhaps he could be written to be a candidate from Dr. Halsey’s cancelled Second Class of Spartan-IIs?) is more of a default Spartan. However, he does have access to other gadgets instead. He still has the Grappling Hook, but the other three are exchanged. Instead of the Thruster Pack, he has the Repulsor that we see used in the Multiplayer. Instead of the Drop Cover, he has the Halo Reach Drop Shield, complete with health regen within the bubble. And instead of the Deployable Sensor, he instead has an Auto Sentry he procured off of a Promethean Knight during the Requiem campaign ( though it matches the design of the Auto Sentry from Halo 3 and it is buffed to be actually a threat to the enemy. )
    Play alone as any of the four to fit your playstyle, or as a diverse yet compelling team in co-op.
    It would also be a great way to allow players to unlock Mark VI Gen-3 for PvP.

  • A belated Halo Wars 2 Campaign DLC that would see the UNSC Spirit of Fire having restored it’s slipspace drive and warping to Zeta Halo at Isabelle’s request. There, Red Team reunites with Master Chief and sets up some proper military structure in a small 7 skirmish story. This could also add in two new commanders to Halo Wars 2, being Master Chief & The Weapon as a UNSC Commander and Thrallslayer the Brute as a Banished Commander (callback to Halo Wars 1).
    This would also grant players the Mark IV Gen-I as an Armor Core in Infinite’s multiplayer.

Whaddya think guys?

Honestly, I think this would be better than getting a bunch more books.
Not saying that the Halo novels are bad, they are mostly good reads all around. It’s just that the majority of players don’t read them and thus they miss out on story beats.
I think mini-campaign DLCs are a great way to allow players to experience more story content and have far less chance on missing out on what happens between the main chapters
(like with what happened between Halo 4 and Halo 5)

Also, it would be great ways to add in more Skulls to the campaign as well, since there are like 20+ skulls left out of Infinite and there could even be new ones made.

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I think what you outlined is a great idea. Really hope they implement some DLC campaign stuff in the future.

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