Midnight Easter Eggs.

Are we any close to finding it?

Any clues or hints to know if we’re in the right direction?

I was playing around the level earlier hitting the 2 weekly challenges with a friend, and we noticed that if you die and respawn in the gun room, you get a message in the top left hand corner from “Dr. Catherine Halsey” and a really quite creepy voice says “John, our mother NEEEEEEEDS us”

Is this something to do with anything larger? Or is it just a cool little thing?

I had a theory that the easter egg is located in the room that you go through quickly, it has only crawlers in it and is very long, the room you travel through when jumping around teleporters. Reason being, there are only crawlers, no resistance what so ever, and you are literally in the room for like 30 seconds, and it is huge.

We tried to get across the structures behind the portal, as this room is also the only one with sentinals in (apart from a lone one in the gun room), and there are beams heading down into some thing solid. I could see it being possible to get across the lenght of the room if no invisible walls restrict you, but i can’t get onto the thing to do the jumps.

There has to be a hidden jetpack somewhere.

Any ideas?

I think we could do with another hint 343i otherwise people would have found it by now!

I managed to get on top of the gun room. And at the end at that part with all the sentinels. I could see a bluish light. But I could not find a good angle to see if it was being cause by something. Also the Halsey thing shows up right when you enter the room.

The whole Cortana/Halsey voice thing plays normally just Cortana talks over it so you can barely hear it, however, before the Halsey voice thing plays there’s a checkpoint, there’s a bug in Halo 4 where if you get a checkpoint during dialogue and you revert checkpoints, the dialogue that was playing doesn’t play anymore. Which allows you to hear the halsey voice thing without Cortana blabbing over it.