mid match/intermission freeze back with a vengence

been playing on my other account a bit lately, trying to get it up to some decent loadouts and in the past 2 or 3 days have been getting alot of that no music frozen everything thing during the mid match intermission part, the other day it froze for about a minute then dropped me out telling me I had no connection, yet during this time my xbox never disconnected me.

As of right this second my game has been stuck frozen for over 5 minutes showing 2 seconds left on intermission (its more than 5 just I would add 2-3 minutes on as i havent been studying the time). The entire game has literally just died at this point. I know i am forced, with zero alternatives, to force close the game and start again if i want too.

what can be done to fix this, its bad enough losing the ENTIRE intermission time to it but having it just stop outright absolutely?

As I was typing this, it just changed the screen. After nearly 10 MINUTES of it frozen it said There was a problem with the dedicated server. Please try again.

This seems to be a serious issue, how can the “dedicated server” have the power to 100% lock down my game in every capacity for 10 minutes?