Mid game spawn

Why is it that some games i don’t load in until mid game or it almost being over?

Sometimes when you go on your friends list and try to open up a friend and invite them you will be stuck on your game a bit longer in the loading screen the most players. This doesnt always happen but its a 50/50 chance of it happening so i recommend when you are loading a game just wait until it starts…which doesn’t make any sense cause then youll have a late start anyway…So just tell your friend that when the games over that he will get an invite lol

I am not sure what is the cause of the problem, the last two games I have just played I spawned at the very end of the match as we lost. It’s not a very enjoyable experience at the moment. I think it has something to do with failure to load the map in a timely manner.

Ive been getting this every other game for a week now. You’re stuck in the map loading screen then when it finally loads its like, 20 kills to 15 or so. Crazy glitch.