Mid Game Fireteam Fill on Quickplay?

When playing a quickplay match (or even Fiesta), quitters are being replaced mid-match.

I’m one of those old guys that remembers things from CE, Halo 2, Halo 3… so don’t go crazy if this change happened in MCC and I missed it. But it used to be that quitters were punished…severely. I remember there being lobby timer penalties, up to and including daily/weekly/permanent bans. Back in Halo 2, it meant you could lose your 50 rank!! What happened to that culture of staying in the game no matter what?

There are two sides to this coin:

  1. Your teammate quits. You’re down a guy and life starts to suck or you rise to the challenge and clutch it.
  2. The other team is short. Domination ensues or you experience an embarrassment.

Halo Infinite changes this to:

  1. Your teammate quits. He is replaced with a toss up (good or bad player). You barely experience the shortage.
  2. The other team has quitters. They are replaced, but the balance is shifted.

What I have noticed with infinite is that the balance changes; often mid-game. For example, you might find yourself dominating the first half of a match. So much so, that you make a couple people rage quit. You might not check the scoreboard or see it in the feed when they leave. Often times, the quitters are replaced almost immediately. Then, all of a sudden, the tables are turned and you are getting pooped on. What happened? How did they get so good all of a sudden? What happenened? Oh…I see now. 3 people quit and they were replaced by a team of literal bounty hunters.

I’m sure the comments will be aimed at my need to adjust and game quality. But my rebuttal is that there is a feel to each match and each match I play differently. I might get a team of scrubs, so I play aggressive. I’m not afraid to rush a couple guys alone. When you’re used to that for half a match and you have mentally zeroed in, it is really frustrating to have to recalibrate to a new enemy…mid match. As for the game quality… I don’t give an EF about other people’s game quality mid-match. Filling their team back up is for these Gen Z babies that need a handout. Bring back the days of seeing it through or being punished. Remember finishing matches against a solo whose whole team quit and saying “hey props to you for sticking around man. GG.”?? And there’s no better feeling than winning something like oddball with only two of you vs a full team. Clutch.

(I am fully aware that ranked is like this…but maybe I don’t want to sweat my 33yo balls off every match).

Anyway…I guess the snowflakes have infiltrated 343.