Mid air sprint and more

Anyone else notice in Reach when your sprinting midair and get shot and continue to move forward your spartans gun twitches back and fourth like sprint is turning on and off over and over until you land? And yes it not THAT big of a deal but it terribly noticeable and makes it seem less fluid.

Also anyone opposed to bringing back the beat down cancel in Halo 4? In Reach you can not melee cancel it and do it again right away, little things like that just make Reach not seem at fluid as it could be -imo- and I dont see where it became a problem that effected game play

Thoughts or anything I missed?

I’ve wanted to bring that up as well. It feels like a sprint slow down mechanic. It’s like 343 gave us a taste of what to expect. I couldn’t really get far when I started kicking up.

I remember MLG Best man saying that the mechanic in Halo 4 is something similar. It had a kick up when he was shot at or something like that.