mics and teamwork

or should i say the lack of it . the past few games i have noticed a huge freaking problem with multiplayer not even half of the people playing use mics and the players siting in partys are the worst offenders cause they have the mics needed to assist their team but insted choose to talk to their friends i find the lack of team work on this game is disturbing

Welcome to mics problem of any shooter games. Would you like a basket full of muffins? I use it sometimes… Only if someone is trying to communicate with the team.

Sorry not sorry. Id rather talk to my friends than have to deal with 8 year olds screaming into a mic. If we’re playing breakout and we do good with a group we invite them in and they usually dont have mics anyway.

its solvable with a built in comand system like world of tanks has

+1 nederland voor arena, tussen plat en diamond !! :stuck_out_tongue: