"Microsoft will never force crossplay" - Phil Spencer 2016


“I’ll never force somebody in our games whose playing with a controller or a mouse and keyboard to play against somebody with a different control scheme,” he said when talking about Xbox’s games. “Mouse and keyboard rotation speed is faster than controller. We know that, you’ll lose.”

Just hoping 343 will get the same Lionhead treatment.


lets see first tell we not going force to have cross input that M&K players vs controler players never will be force to play with each other

then the same with Xbox console and PC platform will never be force to play with each other.

its wierd that we have see this happing also in warzone more that Xbox players got force crossplay with the PC platform.

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(free-to-play) + PC = cheating


This means MS will never mandate forced crossplay. If the studio wants to do it. Thats up to them.


Releasing a game to the public + general public interest in the title = cheating


F2P and being on PC aren’t the only factors in determining if there will be cheats present. As long as games exist, so too will people who will try to exploit them.


There’s only one clear way to win this fight, and that’s simply to play something else.

:white_check_mark: Disable Crossplay


its still one off the big factors there are.
the other big factors are how populier is the game more.
if you talk about the shooter Genre more then is Halo,Cod and Battlefield the best on the genre from the shooters game’s more.
so make then F2P and also playable on PC is asking for a cheating problem in the first place.

It’s not, nor has it ever been.

This is more of a determining factor.

Again to the second point, yes.

Cost of entry has never been a deterring factor for cheaters looking to exploit a game.

Show me an example of a pay-to-play game that doesn’t have cheaters, and I’ll concede the argument.

Halo 5
COD Black ops 4
Cod black ops 3
Cod infinite warfare
Cod advanced warfare
Need for speed.
need for speed payback.

An entire professional team was disqualified in an Official sponsored live-streamed tournament for exploiting map geometry and winning because of it.

There’s not a single CoD game that didn’t feature some form of 3rd party manipulation. CoD is infamous for its exploitation.

I’m not familiar enough with racing titles to make a judgement call on this.

glitching out of map are not using cheats or any hacks.
i can also glitch easy out off the map in halo 5 on some maps.
the same thing can be done on halo 4 and halo reach and halo 3 also.
https://imgur.com/4NlTs9a halo reach.
https://imgur.com/gF1Jljv halo reach
https://imgur.com/qlskWpw halo reach
https://imgur.com/zDx1Qlb halo 5
https://imgur.com/Q8m3B0U halo 5

only i glitch out off the map more to make nice photo’s from the outside from the map more.
the same thing i going do in halo infinite when forge is out to try to glitch out off the map.

its famous on the PC side more that there using 3rd party manipulation.
the Xbox and Playstation versions you got that not at all.
from black ops 3 i know only there are also some map glitch’s you can use there that people sometime’s use in the multiplayer.
but glitch’s is not using any type off software to go out side the map or so or hide in place you cant come normal.
COD has a reputation for using glitch’s in the online multiplayer but there never get banned for it since its a glitch there need fix and patch it and its basic normal there.

and there is still a big diffrend to use a glitch in the multiplayer or in a tournament since its more stupid to use then in a big tournament.

2016 was six years ago.


I mean yea, technically you can explain it happening that way. But that’s leaving out a ton of history and background around that moment that make it far less nefarious than you’re making it sound

Yeah except crossplay between xbox and PC existed far back as 2007, as seen in Shadowrun

Meaningless quote

Man I forgot about that game. That was so fun back in the day.

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Yeah but I don’t think straight up disabling Crossplay would or should be the best solution. There needs to be rules and boundaries for it. Let US CHOOSE to play with it or not. Why Infinite doesn’t have Halo 5’s Search Preferences feature with Crossplay included in those preferences, is beyond me.

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343i - “We can change that”

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Halo was made 24 years ago.

I nor anyone else will ever understand what you’re trying to say.

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Then I guess you just can’t read. I was saying, “Times change”.

then we got a big problem more back then.
and who knows the hate about crossplay has become more worse then we have now more.

lucky there was no crossplay back then at all.