Microsoft needs to give a hand to 343

It is clear that there is an internal crisis within the studio, Microsoft should get down to work and support the company’s most important game with resources (financial, employees, studio support, etc.).

We all know the problems and the terrible state that Halo Infinite is in and 343 knows it too, let’s stop highlighting the problems and give solutions


There is a few things that need to change.

  1. Microsoft needs to end its reliance on contract workers to avoid employment laws. While having full time employees is expensive the best work is done by people who actually feel invested in the game.

  2. 343 needs to close the revolving door of producers. 343 shouldn’t be a resume builder. Stop hiring a never ending line of producers looking to beef up their resumes. It’s frustrating to the actual devs doing the work.

  3. 343 needs to get involved with it community. During the Bungie era it was common to see Bungie employees post and reply on the forms. Not just the community team but actually devs.

  4. Microsoft needs to adopt a “when it’s ready” approach. Games are art and entertainment, business should be second.

“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” - Shigeru Miyamoto