Microsoft need to move the halo franchise!

Ive got to say im getting sick of all these people who are in denial and up 343’s -Yoink!- saying the comunication between them and the community has been great and the way they are making changes constantly due the community complaining about certain things! To hell with all that! The point is 343 are having to undo all the changes they keep trying to make with the halo games! all they had to do was stick to the original formula they were left by bungie but no! There to busy trying to make halo there own and change it massively when it doesnt need it! Every decision they have made when creating halo 4, 5 and infinite has backfired and been met with backlash! Im sick of them turning halo into something its not and most of all im sick of there greedy little tactics! Im sick of massive gaps in story between there halo games and countless plotholes cause they want people to buy books of other marketing products to be able to get the full story! Im sick of the stupid transition of halo multiplayer becoming some sort of fortnite mash up with stupid none cannon skins and accessories like cat ears! There making a joke out of halo and all they care about is marketing and milking the life out of the halo franchise and they dont give a damn about the fans of bungies halo games they just want to cash in as much as possible! Microsoft need to take the hslo franchise off 343 and move it on to a better studio!!


343i are currently, and forever will be, stuck between a an Indiana Jones-sized boulder tumbling towards them and a hard place. On the one hand, fans are moaning about the changes they have made, and on the other, if no changes were made, fans would complain about that as well if they just stuck with the same formula. Either way, people will always complain.


I disagree. Halo Infinite’s main point of praise and overall positive response has been coming from the fact that they went back to a more classic Halo gameplay loop and didn’t stamp COD features and enhance movement all over it.


No, I disagree. They just need to stop making stupid choices.

As a studio, they’re capable of handling this franchise. The developers’ love for the game is there, the groundwork for a better product is there (by design), and the opportunities are abound.

They need to get things working, make things like the store acceptable, get a proper progression system out, deliver a roadmap, and get Forge and Custom Games out ASAP.

I won’t defend their questionable (or downright stupid) practices, such as their nearly whole-hearted reliance on contracted teams or frequent infighting, but replacing them isn’t necessary.


They went back to the classic movement while still succesfully implementing sprint and clamber, meaning that some middle ground can be met with both parties being largely satisfied.

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Except nearly every shooter has Sprint,slide,clamber so in fact call of duty and every other trend out there is stamped onto Halo infinite. Nothing about Sprint is classic or near classic in any way period.


The middle ground is why I’m disappointed. It’s not new. It’s not inspired. It’s just forced. It’s boring.


Halo Infinite launch reminds me of Destiny 2 launch that was literally a disaster.

IMO the OP is correct about one thing that companies today either don’t know how to or refuse to, and that is taking what has worked for a previous game and and improve things from there.

The gameplay seems to be literally the only thing Infinite has going for it. That is a huge red flag…

Everything else has been poorly designed for whatever reasons, because I can tell you know how this game was designed was not created with the player base in mind. It was designed mainly to make max profit with the least amount of content offered.

I have no respect for companies that use their player base as a cash cow. Now we all know all companies need to make money, but 343 is not special, and some people need to stop trying to act like they are. 343 could have made a decent game but they chose to abuse their player base and now players are calling them out on it.


What makes Halo infinite gameplay so special? I don’t see it.


basically Halo 3 but “modernised” so to speak.