Microphone Use Compared to Past Halo Titles

Who else finds it very strange how quiet the games are? I’m an older gamer at 30. So, I’ve been playing since Halo:CE. I owned, but didn’t play Halo 4 too much. However, I do remember nearly every title before Halo 4 being full of chatter (sometimes unwanted). I mean, Halo 2 and 3 I feel like I had to mute a lot of players but there was also a good amount of talking (trash and teamwork). In these Halo 5 games it’s like everyone is afraid to talk. I can be in a game and be the only one talking and that is saying something since I don’t talk a lot.

Have gamers just changed that much? Does no one care? Are people just afraid to talk?

I used to chat a lot in H2. But by the time H3 rolled around things got bad. Toxic and abusive behavior. So now I only party chat. Every once in a while I try out game chat but it only confirms that nothing has changed and there’s still too much abuse for me.

I miss proximity chat from Reach. I was able to stalk a ton of Spartans using that.

Party chat killed communication in online gaming. I was sad when I heard that the PS4 was going to have it because I knew the days of friendly -Yoink- talking while playing various games was over.