Micro tx comes from the top

As always big companys like blizzard-activision, EA and ofc our beloved 343 (MS) trying to implement microtransactions to endless grinding off a false sense of ‘‘content’’ updates

They failed with Star Wars Battlefront 2, WOW, COD so on…
People are rioting all over about this, players don’t like cash grabs. Period.
This is not a debate - am just informing you and yea btw, don’t give me this free to play nonsense talk - considering i paid a hefty price for the campign, we have indirectly funded it. Thanks bye

p.s below is a funny video about it & it has nothing to do with the multiplayer experience, everything is purrrfect there - everything i wanted! :clinking_glasses:

you tube. com/watch?v=gCOjUqPZW9Q&ab_channel=Eliteious)