Micro transactions

Micro transact make sense in a business standpoint but right now it’s a big rip off for what it’s offering.

Don’t agree with the ridiculous costs just for color schemes and designs of the color schemes just for one color design. If a transaction had multiple colors, color schemes for the armor and gear. I don’t think it would be that bad.

I would personally like to see buying a seasonal pass unlocks everything that comes out for that season like a pre-order for the season for design for armor, color and designs.

Doing big bundles and having a discount for it wouldn’t be so bad I think at the end of the season maybe. Another idea when the new season starts you can purchase the old microtransactions for a bundle and have a small fee from the previous season gear but you have to unlock it by playing the game and earning experience

Personally I would like to be able to see more stuff to be able to be unlocked in game instead of purchasing it. Especially color schemes for armor and guns.

Right now I think the microtransactions is a big rip off for what it’s offering. I love Halo but I don’t like where it’s going with the micro transactions. yes it makes me disappointed.

I don’t think the microtransactions would be so bad if we got 100 credits, UNSC bucks, or whetever they’re called, in the premium Battle Pass every 10-15 levels or so.