MG Eclipse looking for 2 more for Anaheim

MG Eclipse is looking for 2 more to finish a roster for Anaheim and beyond. We will be doing tryouts to find the best 2 players!

Travel and Lodging will be paid for by MG Eclipse! Be in the USA! Message me for details or if you wanna try out.

GT: Final Boss

Yooo I’m interested in trying out for the MG Eclipse team! I think I could be a good part of the roster. I’m good with callouts and I’m diamond 1 making my way to onyx but need good quality teammates and good set of eyes can’t do it all by myself but with a solid team I think we could manage it! Thanks just feel free to message whenever my gamer tag is YUNG DIZZLE12

Interested in trying out. Onyx player with previous comp exp from H3, 4 and reach. GT: Humble4538

Team is full guys, But if anyone is looking for scrims or sweaty 8s hit me up and I can set em up.

GT: Final Boss
Discord ID: Final Boss#1776

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bozta. Add me. Lots of comp exp. Playing halo since 2001

Hey I have attended a few events in the past, I plan on making a splash at this next but also want to join a team. Let’s run games? GT is the name.