Mettle Gaming looking for Australian team.

Hello everyone i am from Mettle Gaming and we are opening up an Australian team to compete on cybergamer. we are currently looking for 3 to 5 skilled players who can work well in a team, have good communication skills and want to be part of the growing halo competitive scene in Australia and be part of a group that treats everyone of its members like family.



Respect – We treat all Mettle members and other fellow gamers with dignity, respect, and fairness.

Sportsmanship – Everyone likes to win but we should never abandon the values of respect and appreciation for our opponents and teammates no matter how tough the situation

Loyalty – Each member does their share to support the ongoing success of our team, its members, and it’s resources. We hope all members will find their own way to demonstrate their appreciation and loyalty to our team. Finding new recruits, contributing in the forum, donating to our website and server funds, seeding our server, and getting the word out about our community are all great ways to show your support

Integrity – We are an honest group of players and have zero tolerance for cheats or hacks. We expect all platoon members to display an attitude of good sportsmanship in all servers and with all players. They should also avoid any behavior that would reflect negatively on our community as a whole (ie. Rage Quitting, Tea Bagging, etc…).

Commitment – We encourage our members to game together when possible and to participate in any community sponsored activities or events. Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Communication & Teamwork - A good team requires two constants; constant communication and constant sacrifice. You don’t have to necessarily be talking your head off. You want to keep things quick and concise with just a simple “I have your back Player435” or “I’m almost to Flag B/ Bravo with a tank, stay alive!” or “There is an enemy in the building north of you”.

Don’t look at this list in any intimidating kind of way. We have a great time when we all play, and we’re all a bunch of goofballs at heart. But when it comes time to playing hard, we do just that. We win through teamwork and preparation.

Fill out an APPLICATION here: [] go to the halo recruit tab.
Also add CrimpyComb on xbox live and message him after you fill out an application and or on twitter @CrimpyComb

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