Metal earth Guardian.

I don’t know who to talk to so I’ve only got this option at the minute.
Ordered the limited edition as I wanted the beautiful little statue showed in the pictures.
Nowhere did it say “requires some (or all) assembly”.
Its two pieces of flimsy metal that the pieces are meant to pop out of but they get stuck and break as you try to remove them.
Some pieces are missing and four or five have broken as they are too flimsy.
I think it’s ridiculous that I’m expected to build this model and even worse at how badly it’s made.
I should have saved £20 and bought the standard edition.
343 you need to sort it out and send me the model in the picture that clearly isn’t this piece of c&*p you fobbed us off with.

If any of the pieces are broken on missing, you should package up everything and take it back to your retailer. They will be able to replace it for you