Metacritic user reviews: why so low?

User reviews on Metacritic: 3.9/10, 505 votes in.

My guess is that people who really like the game are busy playing, no time to vote yet :-). But still, IMHO it is a great game and this rating is a terrible depiction of the quality of the game. I encourage everybody to go there and vote to get your voice heard!

I am also starting a poll here to see what people here feels about the game.

It happens for every major release, it’s just a bunch of fan boys purposely lowering the games score.


two reasons…COD fan boys and battlefield fan boys.just a bunch of trolls voting the game down.i enjoy COD,battlefield and way i would say either of those games suck.imo they are all great games.but many feel like it is some sort of gang war that if you like one you can not like the other two.bad way of thinking because it is nice to enjoy all and get three diff gaming experiences

lol, don’t forget the Playstation fanboys who don’t get to play this awesome game series at all.

That’s just sad. I am a fan of both Halo and CoD and I don’t understand why so much divide between the two communities. To make things worse, the hate usually came from a small minority of the other fan base (most of my friends are CoD players and I have not heard any of them saying anything bad about Halo), but unfortunately they scream the loudest.

So looks like next week when BO2 came out, the CoD haters in Halo community most likely will retaliate and vote it down as well.

This basically makes the user review section on metacritic useless. Unfortunately, it is the place where new players who are unaware of this divide go for opinions…

Having Microsoft as the main publisher for this game does not help as well :slight_smile:

It is pretty much a fact that negative tends to voice far louder than positive in the internet. In case of MW3 meta bombing, it was more of protest against stagnation of series which worked. It gave Infinity Ward chill.
But in this case, it is ruined by trolls and fanboys which isn’t surprising, considering metacritic’s horrible system and lack of discipline.
People are busy playing the game, so why would most of them care about voting?

if you read them, half of them haven’t even played it, an additional third are nitpicking one thing that they don’t like and giving the game a 0 for it, and the rest have legitimate complaints, but rate the game far to low even with those considered. On metacritic a game is either a 0 or a ten


Because people are dickheads, Witty.

Its just some butt-hurt trolls with nothing better to do.

I didnt buy Halo 4 to have its game play to be just like Call of Duty.

The number is steadily moving up, as players who “actually played the game” started to put their votes in :slight_smile:

It is now 4.3 with 580 votes in. So last 75 votes have pushed rating 0.4 higher, and doubled the 2.1 earlier.

Folks: please take a second to vote both there and here. Our voice should be louder than the trolls…