Messing with your team in Reach

So most of the time I try to be a team player and play the game how it was intended, but sometimes I get bored with the regular play and try to make my own fun at the expense of my teammates. Do you guys have a fun way to mess with your team in halo aswell? If so please list it. Here are a couple of things I do to aggravate my allies.

On Utopie if your teammate is camping for the banshee, pick up the grenade launcher and wait till he gets in to the banshee. Then power drain him and watch him commit suicide in the ocean.

On spire pick up the concussion rifle, wait till a teammate preferably without a jet pack stands on the ledge. Then shoot him and he falls down committing suicide.

This one is a little tricky but hilarious. On spire pick the jet pack load out and get to the top of the spire now look down to one of the mancannons below, when a teammate uses the mancannon use the jet pack to push him from the trajectory and fall back down. Use the jet pack to get back to the spire.

On any map, if most of the enemy have quit the game I like to pick up a warthog and convince the enemy to use the turret gun. And then I drive him around, if my teammates retaliate and kill me in the process I might be able to kick them from the game evening the odds for the enemy team.

I don’t do this very often, so don’t get mad and remember its just a game.

Ow I forgot to say, please excuse my English for it’s not my native language.

Been along while since i’ve done anything like that, Which was me and my friend convincing the Sole Surviving Red team player to get in our warthog turret. It was a blast as far as games go. Our team had four people, so we didn’t feel like stomping that one guy for the next 10 minutes.

Action Sack. Hockey. We do this.

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