Messed up Scores

So me and three friends were in a party together playing Team Heavies. We were in the final moments on Longbow the Red Team was at 970 and Blue(Us) were at 990. Within 2 seconds the Red Team won by somehow getting 4 kills by only killing 2 people(One of my friends and a random). We watched the replay as slow as possible and even messaged people from the game and everyone was confused at the ending. Even some of the Red Team said they shouldn’t have won as right as Defeat popped up for the Blue Team, one of my friends killed two of the Reds with the Incineration Cannon.

Has something like this happened to anyone else?

In heavies you get extra points for destroying a vehicle when an enemy is in it. I’m not sure how the exact scoring breaks down but that’s what happened.

None of us were in vehicles though. That was something we thought happened at first until we watched the replay from everyone’s POV.