Message to forgers from a non forger.

Hey guys

First of all let me say thanks for all the maps you’ve made for me over the years I think its really great Halo gives you guys the tools to make your own maps and long may it continue.

One little request though…

Can we get some more maps made in the impact forge space ? So many of the forge maps I play in MM are in the ravine one and honestly I prefer the darker maps. Plus with the inclusion of the new Forge Island (which is awesome) I don’t really want all my maps to be green grass and blue skies. A little more variation would be cool.

Take Shutout for example, in Halo 2 it was set at night and Blackout in Halo 3 it was set at night so if I was making that map utilizing Halo 4’s forge tools I would have definitely made it in the impact space just to make it that little bit more like the originals. I just think its kind of a shame that Shutout for the rest of Halo 4 is going to be a daytime map in ravine.

Also we definitely need more 4v4 arena maps in MM not just for the competitive playlist “Throwdown” but also for regular Infinity Slayer. Playing only Adrift and Haven over and over again is getting old.

Hope that didn’t all come off as ranty, I love and appreciate what you guys do and look forward to what you have coming.

Seeing as how there are plenty of forgers who might like to actually take a request, I think it was a pretty good idea for you to actually speak up in a cordial manner. I’m not a terribly good forger, nor do I do it too often, but I’ll see what I can do on that map.

Impact is personally one of my favourite canvases, I’ve made my own maps on it with a few old remakes, (Uncaged, Guardian, The pit) I like it cause it’s just outer space, nothing’s cooler then space. I have some maps I’ve finished on my fileshare in my gamer tag.