Message to all clan leaders.

Hello all you clan leaders!Here today i have created a website on website is going to be for recruiting purposes.Whats going to happen is people who are looking for a Halo clan then they will visit my site.My site will have info on every halo clan that i know of.Including the elite clans.Now if you would like to be apart of this and you are wanting more recruits then please do the following.Add me on xbox 360 gamertag being DArtagnan Boyd.Once from there i will give you an interview.After that, i will be apart of your clan for a week and valuate the clan its self and its action.After all this i will take the info that i have gathered and summarize the clan.Thats it guys!Please do post here if you would like to be apart of this.

as good as this idea is we have a waypoint clan directory thanks to snickerdoodle.

Either way i still think it will be fun and i will continue to do so

yes by all means but having someone in your clan just to write a review does that mean you will be a recruit of said clan?

Are you trying to say this forum needs to be put in another area?

no just wondering if you will be treated the same as any other recruit or as a guest at all times?

Enjin already provides this service for those of us who host our communities there:

Some what confused on what you are asking

what i am asking is: will you follow the same recruitment process as anyone else would or will you be treated as a guest as in always there but not treated as a member?

I will be treated as a guest