Message to 343 about ranked playlists

This might not even end up being an issue, but if it is I’ll be here saying I told you so. With 343 confirming they are releasing ranked playlists some time in the new year and there is something that is being over looked because all anyone can talk about is that the ranks are going to be on the website, and not on the game. The issue at hand is a very big problem now, and was even worse in Reach. And that is being matched up against a party of 4, when you search alone. In Halo 3, the servers would match you up against no less then a team of 3, and if so you would also have a team of 3 on your team. And when you searched if 4s you got nothing but party of 4s. This made searching in 4s a little more time consuming but also more rewarding because you knew you were always going to have a challenge on your hands. You could also go into a playlist alone, and not have to worry about have 3 other random people on your team, against a team of 4 who is just destroying you.

If this feature is not in the ranked playlists when they are released it could possibly destroy the ranked playlists. Let’s try to keep this thread active so someone sees this and makes sure it doesn’t happen.