Message sent over xbox but no email

i was sent a message over xbox saying that you may now redeem your code and it gave me a code but I am not sure how to redeem it. It is a code for six specializations and the message was sent to me by Xbox live. I know this is not a scam or fake because I can not reply to the sender, my only option when i view the message is to delete it. It says it expires in 30 days and i have looked up online on how to redeem the code and it says the I have to redeem it over email which i have not received. It also says sorry for the delay in sending. I hope you can respond to me in the next 30 days before this code expires. THANK YOU

Uh, you write down the code and then you go to your “Redeem Code” page on or redeem it on your Xbox…is it really THAT hard to figure out?

Common sense is a super power…

You can always log in to your Gamertag on and click on redem code and then copy it from the Tv screen or just write it down on Notepad or TextEdit or a piece of paper