Merry Xmas BTB from the Grinch

You have lost your connection…

You have lost your connection…

You have lost your connection…

You have lost your connection…


I get stuck in that just in quick play sometimes. I literally have to alt+f4 the game to get out of it.

343 leaving BTB broken like this reminds me of when DICE put out a Dec2019 update for BF5 that broke the game pretty hardcore. DICE didn’t fix it until February 2020 and I don’t think BF5 ever honestly recovered.

Luckily Infinite’s other modes are in a much better state than BF5 was at the time, so I think Infinite will be able to weather the storm.

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i get locked into that in just quick play though, whose to say it’s not happening in other modes?

I tried to run a btb game just now. Got kicked out of searching for that then kicked out of searching for a quick play match.

I was banned for searching btb games consecutively. I looked on halotracker never left a game. But yet I got banned for searching BTB.

Something is up with the servers today. People should be able to log in to the servers and stabilize things for just a few minutes if they need to from home. Some people work on Xmas it’s normal for them. That’s why you have salary too.

edit - I like can’t play. I can’t even get into a game. I pay a lot for my internet I know it is not that. I have restarted like twice.