Merry Christmas Halo Waypoint!

Merry Christmas Halo waypoint community and 343i!

Merry Christmas to you and Happy Halodays.

Regardless of what or if you celebrate, I hope everybody has a fabulous day. <3

happy Kwanzaa eve

Merry commercial holiday to everyone. xD

Merry 10 days after the 15th day everybody.

Did anybody get what I did with the “Happy Halodays”?

Oh the holidays. What better time of year to extend the middle finger to your fellow man because he took the last of the one toy you have been searching all over town for your kid. Be sure to turn the other cheek and wish him a hearty “Happy Holidays”. It gets them every time.

I wonder how many new people are playing Reach today. I’m gonna need to jump on.

An eye for an eye is better than turning your cheek in a game of Halo.