Merry Christmas! Giving free stuffzzzz

In the Christmas spirit I’m giving away a specilasation code for free :). This is for anyone who did not get a code :slight_smile: I will be giving it away to someone Radom and I also have have the present of a male avatar tshirt and female avatar tshirt. I might also be able to get another code later so just post what you want and your in the running :).

can I please have the code? I been stuck in level 70 purgatory for a week and its terrible.

Thank u

Can I have the male avatar t-shirt?

Thank you good sir and happy holidays!

Male avatar T-shirt please.

Nice christmas giveaway man, way to get in the spirit!

Stuck at level 70 since 28th of November, Not good man, not good.
All of my friends are up at 87-124 and I’m stuck at 70. :frowning:

Specilization Code please. :slight_smile:

  • Domination III

Hey! i would love the specialisation code!

Happy Holidays!

specialisation code

code please my good sir and merry christmas :smiley:

Male avatar T-shirt please.

i’ll take a theme or a armor code not specia;lization but like the dead eye type. already have the hazop game stop pre order

Hey Guy!

I’ve beaten the campaign solo on Legendary before 11/20 and not only do I not have the Chief helmet/armor but I don’t have any extra specializations. I’m an avid player and would appreciate any gifts you so decide to give.

On a side note, would you share your source of the codes!?

Thanks dude,
Take 'er easy (and if she’s easy take her twice)

looking for fotus armor codes

I would like to enter fora chance to win the specialization code pls.

I have a free female avatar t shirt if anyone wants it. Send me a PM, but make sure your privacy settings allow you to receive messages. First come, first served.

specializations code, being maxed out is pretty boring :frowning: