Mercy rule for Rank in Breakout

My favorite game type in Halo 5 is breakout. It is excellently put together and plays tactically and great. However, throughout the many games I’ve played there have been a number of times that people have quit. When someone quits in Breakout it is difficult enough, however when two or more people quit it is practically impossible to win or even be competitive, especially when playing with others who are on your skill level. The solution I propose is to both punish quiters in breakout more harshly (less quits to receive a ban, or even a playlist ban for a set amount of time.) as well as after 2 people on the same team quit the loss from that game does not lower your rank, and if three from the same team quit the game is automatically over, with a forfeit from the teams who’s members quit as well as no punishment for the remaining member’s rank. I feel that not hurting the players who didn’t quit while rewarding the winning team and punishing the quitters more harshly benefits all and maintains the games competitive nature.

I think it is a nice idea. I assume 343 was making this game type intentionally for team play and you would not go into this playlist alone but this idea will def help people who play halo solo.

Agreed. Winning team should still get the win. Losing team shouldn’t get a ranking decrease and the quitters should be locked out of the playlist for an hour.

Don’t end the game when 1 player is left though. MAYBE give the last player an option to end the game but I enjoy the challenge of 4v1. BR is 2 shot kill so it ain’t over till its over as they say (Sure I never won a 4v1 but my glass is half full).