Mercenary List of Operators

Please list your name here if your a active and honorable player, It is my hopes to get a active list of Mercenaries going who are apart of this Forum, it happens more times then you think, being left alone, someone quitting on you during match. I want to create this list for ALL active members of the forum.

Requirements are simple, Come here to Post your GT so someone can add you to their fire team for the match they need, ask them to provide a review of your services (but not required) here to this thread. The more good you get the more your likely to be asked for help, there is a down side, if you quit your games, betray team members or just don’t help the team as a whole this can be served as a Black List so players know NOT to play with you, If your a Alliance / Clan Leader and want to Request a Bounty or Assassination contract you can post it here in public or Message me directly and I will send it to the HIT LIST area that can only be seen by our group, If you like you can also make yourself a Spartan Profile using this Draft Page listed it would help add to your character style you portray if any

Service ID:
Are they Honorable:
Primary Military Specialization:
Enlistment date:
Location of operation:
Birth date:

Weapon of choice:
Previous Ops:
Current Op:.
Opinion from people they met:

I’ll get it Started

GT Nightmare Mist
Name: Operator
Nickname: 757
Faction: Last Hope Recon
Unit: Black Operation Mercenary
Specialization: Mercenary Specialization, CQC, Infiltration
Current location: (Rumored Deceased)
Gender: (Unkown)
Birthplace: (Unkown)
Birth date: (Unkown)
Alignment: Honorable, Way of a Samurai
Intel on Performance: NOTES: When things get rough they send in the elite of the elite, the legendary Recon unit “Last Hope” each member has their set skill and ability in combat. They usually operate alone or with a Scout or Guardian unit and have been known to kill an entire squadron as well decimate entire strong holds on their own or capture key choke points through the universe. Many believe they no longer function or operate, but that has always been the main objective as a black operator contracted killer. To do all the work and never be seen or leave evidence behind unless on purpose, for the past twenty years verything has been quiet in the universe until this point when someone mentioned seeing the emblem of a “Last Hope” operator in the area.
Choice of Equipment: Custom Sniper, Custom Battle Riffle, Enhanced Cloaking
Previous Ops: Classified
Current Op: Classified
Status of command: Considerable Asset, Wanted for questioning
Status of notorious: Wanted by the Galaxy Federation
Notable Relations: John “aka Master Chief”, Locke , UNSC command, Alliance Earth Federation
Service Commendations: Mercenary Help, Use for infiltration, assassination, recon
Covenant/Other faction Tenure: Wanted by most Covenant tribes / Clans alive
Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders: 757 was always quiet communicating from blocked coms or halo tapes or having his Scout / Guardian unit assigned to him perform most of the Intel collection and pick up locations. 757 was only seen in person almost a hand full of times, keeps to the shadows but is known throughout the galaxies and the black book community as the most desired and highly paid mercenary. Very picky on the missions that are actually accepted, some have said they feel a cold draft in the room filling the briefing area with a feeling of death. One account was observing his command unit ship in the nebula, it was almost impossible to detect with any of the forerunners technology but the naked eye out at bay side saw it clear as day escorting it to a safe zone. It was etched with a name Razgri “in historic time referring to “the Reaper of Death” and just as fast it phased into the stars.

Commander Charles of the two hundred and first brigade was a mere petty officer when they were on the brink of losing the war to the Covenant on Operation “Hammer Head” he stated for the record he would never forget that armor plays audio tape (Charles) “Yeah I saw him, death himself….” (Therapist) “What do you mean by death himself Charles?” (Charles) “He just came out of nowhere, we got bunkered down the last four in the squad…. We lost thirty people…. And this thing just phases out of the rock and eliminates an entire Covenant colony forward base by himself… I’m just saying… who ever side that thing is on… WILL NOT LOSE” tape end (Commander Charles) “Yeah I was so shaken up back then, fresh out the academy and into new boots… what I failed to see back then is it wasn’t the first encounter with what the UNSC dub as “The Operator”. He’s been to our training facility’s and I remember him taking One soldier every now and then to join the Black Book team that he lead.

Unit Forward Until Dawn task force General Ravis Omen: “Operator? … That thing is just a mystery, they say it’s been decommissioned… you know out sleeping in the dirt” (news crew) “so you believe the black books are all dead?” (Ravis) “Either that… or they are gearing up for something really big here soon”

If you want to describe your fanfic spartan there is a thread for that in universe. If you want people to join your company/clan you can use the recruiting section. If you want to make a list of ‘mercenaries’ for whatever reason you can do that offsite.